Agronomy Research & Information Center
Agronomy Research & Information Center
Agronomy Research & Information Center
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Agronomy Research & Information Center

About the Agronomy RIC

Delivering scientific, research-based information, resources, education, and on-line tools for important agronomic crops in California.

California's agronomic crops occupy over 5 million of the approximately 8 million irrigated acres in the state, yielding major food, fiber, and forage products. These crops have large impacts on water use and nutrient management, farm profitability and human health.

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The Agronomy Research and Information Center (RIC) is a web-based center housed in the Department of Plant Sciences at UC Davis. It serves to deliver science-based UC information and on-line learning tools for important agronomic crops grown in California to growers, researchers, industry professionals, governmental agencies, and the general public. These crops include alfalfa, grain legumes/beans, bio-fuels, corn, cotton, oil seeds, rice, wheat and other small grains, and sugar beets. 

At the center of this commodity-based RIC, we provide current and comprehensive information based on research conducted at UC on sustainable management practices for each commodity. The information provided includes management practice topics such as variety selection; pest management; irrigation; nutrient management; basic agronomy (i.e. planting dates, seeding rates, etc); economics; and crop quality. This site also provides a platform for archiving and delivering presentations from recent meetings and historical data. In addition, this site is intended to be a centralized, go-to location to find out about:

  • Information about the center
  • News briefs, including grant program announcements
  • Upcoming meetings, workshops, training meetings, and field days
  • University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) workgroup and individual researcher publications, reports, and leaflets
  • UCCE specialists, farm advisors, and faculty contact information for those needing additional commodity information
  • Links to other web sites of interest
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