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Agronomy Progress Reports

October 2010, No. 303

October 2009, No. 301

October 2008, No. 296
October 2007, No. 295

October 2006, No. 293
October 2005, No. 290

October 2004, No. 288
October 2003, No. 286
October 2002, No. 279
October 2001, No. 276
October 2000, No. 272
October 1999, No. 265
October 1998, No. 262


Small Grains Production Manual

CWC Wheat Variety Survey 2010

Agronomy Progress Report 2009

Cultivar Descriptions

Wheat Cultivars for California (Full Publication) pdf

Hard Red Winter Wheat (Pages 1-5) pdf
Soft White Winter Wheat (Pages 5-15) pdf
Hard Red Spring Wheat (Pages 15-33) pdf
Hard White Wheat (Pages 33-38) pdf
Soft White Spring Wheat (Pages 38-46) pdf
Durum Wheat (Pages 46-55) pdf

Barley Cultivars for California (Full Publication) pdf

Winter Barley (Pages 1-4) pdf
Spring Barley (Pages 4-37) pdf

Triticale Cultivars for California (Full Publication) pdf
Oat Cultivars for California (Full Publication) pdf

Cultivar Characteristics

Wheat and Triticale, Barley, and Oats

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