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  • Frost Injury in Wheat

    Added March 7, 2018
    Fig. 1. Yellowing and tip burning of wheat from frost injury. (Photo courtesy of PCA.)

    I have received a couple inquiries from Pest Control Advisors about wheat that is showing leaf tip yellowing and burning (Fig. 1). Their suspicion is frost injury, and with the weather we have experienced over the last several weeks, their suspicion is...

  • A Slow Start to Winter Rains: checking your stand before nitrogen topdressing in wheat

    Added January 17, 2018
    Evaluating Wheat Stand

    After a dry beginning to the season wheat growers might be trying to decide how to proceed with their nitrogen fertility program. If not irrigated, most wheat planted in the Sacramento Valley during November will likely have been stunted by the...

  • Weedy Rice Update 2017

    Added November 14, 2017
    IMG 4721 2 copy

    The 2017 season kicked off with much fanfare regarding weedy rice. Thanks to the vigilance of the entire rice industry, the UCCE Rice Advisors received many calls regarding weedy rice, starting in late June, as growers finished their herbicide...

  • Field Corn Variety Trial Results

    Added November 7, 2017
    Table 1. 2017 UCCE Field Corn Variety Trial Results

    The results of the 2017 UCCE Delta field corn variety trial, located on Tyler Island, are shown in Table 1 (below). Three replicate blocks of fifteen varieties were planted on May 9th by air planter. The trial was planted almost two weeks later than the...

  • White Mold in Garbanzo Beans- Often Attacks Stems Near the Soil Line

    Added April 11, 2017
    White mold in garbanzos often infects the plant stems near the soil line.

    Our cool, wet conditions are favoring white mold (sclerotinia) in garbanzo beans this year. This disease is characterized by a white fungal growth that attacks the above ground plant parts, often near the soil line for garbanzos. The affected tissue...

  • California Small Grains Survey - Please Participate!

    Added February 22, 2017

    We need your help to better understand the current status of small grain production in California and how to focus our research and extension efforts moving forward. If you are involved in the California grain industry, we would appreciate your...

  • Update from the California Statewide Small Grain Testing Program: Fall-sown tests emerging

    Added December 23, 2016
    Davis Common Wheat, 12/12/2016

    This is the first post in our new blogging platform created as part of the ongoing improvements and developments from the UC Agronomy Research and Information Center (AgRIC). We envision this small grains blog to be a place for field notes,...

  • White Mold in Lima Beans

    Added October 3, 2016
    Figure 1. Sclerotia of white mold disease.

    I was recently contacted by a Pest Control Advisor (PCA) regarding a lima bean field in the Tracy area. The plants were showing some unusual symptoms, and while the field was nearing harvest, the grower was hoping to get another couple weeks out of it...

  • Soil Temperatures for Planting Blackeye & Large Lima Beans

    Added April 19, 2016
    Figure 1. Bean seeds rotting fromPythium rot infestation.

    A grower recently called to ask about the minimum soil temperature for planting blackeye and large lima beans. The University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources has produced production manuals for both blackeyes and limas. A...

  • Scouting in Garbanzo Beans

    Added March 29, 2016
    Figure 1. Ascochyta blight on garbanzo bean leaves.

    A pest control advisor recently contacted us to ask what pests he should be scouting for in garbanzo beans. His clients had not grown garbanzos in the past but have some acreage this year. Given recent wet weather and relatively mild temperatures,...

  • Garbanzo beans hit hard by Alfalfa Mosaic Virus in California in 2015

    Added April 28, 2015
    Garbanzo field with alfalfa mosaic virus, May 2015, Yolo County.

    This disease is vectored by aphids (pea, cowpea, and green peach) with alfalfa the common host of the virus. One usually won't see aphids in garbanzos, as after they land and feed (and introduce the virus) they either die or leave, due to the acidic...

  • UC Field Day showcases California‚Äôs dry-bean research advancements

    Added September 16, 2013
    Dry Bean Varieties

    California consumers may not “know beans about beans,” but they should. Dry beans are a big business in California. In 2011, growers harvested 45,000 acres of dry beans valued at $58 million. Lima beans accounted for about 40 percent of this...

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